Westchester Police PBA Endorses Byrne for Putnam Exec.

Posted: June 12, 2022 in 2022 Endorsements, First Responders, Public Safety

June 11, 2022 / Mahopac, NY – Layering endorsement on top of endorsement, Assemblyman Kevin Byrne, the unopposed Republican & Conservative Party Candidate for Putnam County Executive, has received another powerful endorsement from the law enforcement community. Earlier this month, the Westchester County Police PBA joined numerous other organizations to issue their full endorsement of Byrne’s candidacy for Putnam County Executive.

Byrne responded to the news by stating he was ”Honored to once again receive the endorsement from our brave police in the Westchester PBA.” Byrne added that ”Over the years, I have built a great relationship with many of these officers and their PBA as a member of the Assembly representing Westchester. I also know many of them and their families continue to call Putnam County their home. I thank them and their organization’s leadership for their faith and trust in me and my abilities to not only protect but improve upon our quality of life right here in Putnam County.”

The PBA president Michael Hagan delivered the news in a letter to Byrne where he stated,

“Dear Kevin Byrne,

I am pleased to inform you that the Westchester County Department of Public Safety PBA has enthusiastically endorsed your candidacy for election to Putnam County Executive.

Our Board Committee considered your request for endorsement. After reviewing your position on matters of great importance to our membership, we have concluded that your record of accomplishment and commitment to the law enforcement community are of tremendous importance to the people you look to serve – the people of New York State, and Putnam County. We are confident that you will be a fair, honest and effective County Executive, and a continued friend to the Westchester County Police PBA…”