A New Generation of Conservative Leadership for Putnam County

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Kevin-ProfileMeet Kevin

Kevin Byrne is Putnam County’s only current resident state legislator, and serves as the sole Republican assemblyman fighting for Putnam County. He is presently the ranking member of the Assembly Health Committee and chair of the Assembly Minority Program Committee. Byrne is also an active member of the Insurance, Labor, Transportation, Ways & Means, and Governmental Operations Committees. His other leadership positions include co-chair of the Assembly GOP’s Transportation & Critical Infrastructure Task Force, member of the NYS Council on Health Care Financing, and as the state chair of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC).

Kevin resides in Mahopac with his wife, Briana (Messina) Byrne, who has a busy career as a physician assistant (PA), with their young son, Braeden.

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Protecting Public Health

From protecting your drinking water, to health code compliance, to managing a pandemic response that reached into all of our lives.

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As the saying goes, “all politics is local,” but that’s not really the case if people don’t have real access to their local elected leaders.

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We need to make sure Putnam County’s infrastructure is safe, sound and reliable. It’s part of what enhances our quality of life.

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Second Amendment

It’s one thing to *say* “I support the Second Amendment.” It’s another to *demonstrate* support for the rights of law-abiding gun owners. 

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Constitutional Freedoms

The Constitution as our governing document, after years of amendments, enshrined principles to all our citizens, regardless of our individual differences, as equal protections and rights under the law.

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Stand Up for Rule of Law

As Assemblyman, I always stood up for the rule of law and opposed efforts to remove judicial discretion, eliminate cash bail, make NY a ‘sanctuary state’, and grant automatic parole eligibility for violent criminals and cop killers. As County Executive, I'll continue to stand up for the rule of law.

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