Honoring the service and sacrifice of our veterans

As the grandson of two WWII veterans and the proud brother of an Air Force veteran, I deeply appreciate how much we owe all veterans, active service members, and our gold-star and blue-star families. They have made it possible for us to enjoy the blessings of being American.

As your Assemblyman, I have fought to ensure our veterans receive the compensation and recognition they have earned from a grateful nation. 

In the Assembly, I helped passed legislation to:

  • Expand benefits for combat veterans (Chap. 406, 2017)
  • Dedicate state properties after our fallen heroes, including Army Major Clayton Carpenter as well as our Atomic War Veterans (Chap. 37, 2017; Chap, 439, 2021)
  • Expand sick leave to veterans for healthcare services related to their military duties (Chap. 406, 2017)
  • Empowered local municipalities to establish specialty courts for veterans (Chap. 91, 2021)
  • Assured all state benefits were afforded to veterans from the LGBT community for their military service (Chap. 490, 2019)

I also successfully advocated for

  • Funding to support and expand the PFC Joseph P. Dwyer Peer to Peer program;
  • Expanded eligibility for the MERIT Scholarship to assist our Gold Star Families.

As your County Executive, I’ll take that same passion and commitment to county government. 

  • Honor our region’s rich history in being home to thousands of first responder and military families
  • Support the PFC Joseph P. Dwyer Peer to Peer program
  • Partner with advocates and agencies to deliver services to veterans closer to home
  • Continue current administration’s commitment to veterans & support the Honor Roll on Lake Gleneida.

We can never fully repay our veterans, but we must do all we can to honor and respect their service and sacrifice.