Sunshine is the best disinfectant

As the saying goes, “all politics is local,” but that’s not really the case if people don’t have real access to their local elected leaders.

In the Assembly, I fought to end shady back-room deals, and when I couldn’t end them I shined a bright light on it to expose the corruption. Sunshine is the best disinfectant.

As County Executive, I’ll bring about a new era of transparency to county government.

We’ll work with our partners in the legislature to:

  • Update the county website so the county charter, mission statements, public data, and information are more easily accessible to the public with less need to FOIL
  • Make government meetings more readily available online
  • Enhance accessibility to the County Executive’s office
  • Host annual constituent forums throughout the county just as I did in the Assembly.

I’ll work for you, and be held accountable by you: the people of Putnam County.