Kevin Byrne Announces Candidacy for Putnam County Executive

Posted: November 13, 2021 in In the News

For Immediate ReleaseContact:        Tara Keegan, Campaign Manager November 12, 2021 / Mahopac, NY – This week, Assemblyman Kevin Byrne announced his campaign as a candidate for Putnam County Executive. The initial announcement was made in a letter sent out earlier this week to Republican & Conservative Committee Members, as well as other […]

Byrne Helps Bring Back $25K to Support Reed Memorial Library Capital Improvements

Posted: November 1, 2021 in Community, Education

Assemblyman Kevin Byrne (R, C, I, SAM, ROS-Mahopac) is pleased to announce that Reed Memorial Library in the town of Carmel is receiving an additional $25,000 in state aid directed by his office through the State Education Department’s bullet aid program in order to assist with the library’s restoration and other needed capital improvements. Reed Memorial Library was provided the funding […]

Putnam County’s “Best in Business” within 94AD

Posted: October 20, 2021 in Business, Community, In the News

Assemblyman Kevin Byrne (R,C,I,SAM,ROS-Mahopac) recently completed a tour of Putnam County businesses to recognize the winners of his inaugural Best in Business competition. The contest was created by Byrne to honor and highlight all the businesses within the 94th Assembly District that served their community through the extraordinary challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Residents of the district were able to vote for their favorite business in 20different […]

Assemblyman Byrne’s Presidents’ Day Dinner Honors Supervisor Morrissey & Senator Murphy

Posted: October 19, 2021 in In the News

October 19, 2020 / Mahopac – Assemblyman Byrne hosted his annual Presidents’ Day Dinner earlier this month at Primavera Restaurant on Tuesday October 12th with special guest speaker GOPAC Chairman David Avella honoring Somers Town Supervisor Rick Morrissey & former state Senator Terrence Senator Murphy.  Due to state pandemic restrictions earlier in the year the […]

Westchester’s “Best in Business” honored by new initiative in 94AD

Posted: October 9, 2021 in Business, Community

Assemblyman Kevin Byrne (R,C,I,SAM,ROS-Mahopac) honored the Yorktown winners of his first annual Best in Business competition on Friday, Sept. 30. The contest was created by Byrne to honor and highlight all the businesses within the 94th Assembly District that served their community through the extraordinary challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Residents of the district were able to vote for their favorite business in twenty different categories. Byrne partnered […]

Byrne Hosts Successful Shed the Meds Event in Somers

Posted: October 7, 2021 in Community, Drug Crisis, Health

Assemblyman Kevin Byrne (R,C,I,SAM,ROS-Mahopac) is pleased to announce the success of his annual Shed the Meds event in Somers on Thursday, Sept. 30 at the Somers Police Department. Byrne partnered with the Somers Police Department, Drug Crisis in Our Backyard Somers Partners in Prevention, and the Somers Town Board. Over 150 pounds of unwanted and expired medications were collected […]

Another Successful Shed the Meds Event in Yorktown

Posted: October 1, 2021 in Community, Drug Crisis, Environment, Health, In the News

Assemblyman Kevin Byrne (R,C,I,SAM,ROS-Mahopac) is pleased to announce the success of his annual Shed the Meds event in Yorktown on Friday, Sept. 24 in Jefferson Village. Byrne was joined by local partners, including Drug Crisis in Our Backyard, Alliance for Safe Kids, the Yorktown Police Department and Yorktown Town Board. Over 200 pounds of unwanted and expired medications were collected to be safely […]

Byrne Celebrates Summer Reading Challenge with Local Students

Posted: September 25, 2021 in Community, Education, In the News

Assemblyman Kevin Byrne (R,C,I,SAM,ROS-Mahopac) is pleased to announce the successful conclusion of his 2021 SummerReading Challenge. Over twenty-five students from both Westchester and Putnam Counties took part in the program, which requires children to read for at least 15 minutes every day for forty days during thesummer to continue developing their literacy skills. The New York State Education Department’s Division […]

Byrne Visits with Residents of The Plaza at Clover Lake for an Update from the Capitol

Posted: September 20, 2021 in Community, Health, In the News, Seniors

Assemblyman Kevin Byrne (R,C,I,SAM,ROS-Mahopac) visited residents of The Plaza at Clover Lake in Patterson on Wednesday, Sept. 8 to give a presentation on the latest news from the state capitol.  “I’ve always been a believer in meeting people where they are,” said Byrne. “For months and months, many of these residents were unable to visit […]

Another Successful Shed The Meds in Putnam County

Posted: September 17, 2021 in Community, Drug Crisis, Environment, Health, In the News

Assemblyman Kevin Byrne (R, C, Ref-Mahopac) is pleased to announce the success of the Assembly office’s annual Shed the Meds event in Putnam County on Tuesday, September 14 at the Mahopac Volunteer Fire Department. Byrne was joined by local partners including Drug Crisis in Our Backyard, The Prevention Council of Putnam, Putnam Communities That Care (CTC) Coalition, NIH HEAL Initiative, […]

What today’s returning veterans need most

Posted: September 14, 2021 in First Responders, Health, In the News, Veterans

Veterans of our nation’s military continue to struggle with high rates of post-traumatic stress, depression, anxiety and other mental health issues. Since 2018, military veteran suicides have increased to nearly twice the rate as nonveterans (Suicide Among Veterans), with those between the ages of 18 and 34 being three times more likely to die by […]

Trailblazing with Byrne Delivers Results, Shaping Policy & Supporting Healthy Living

Posted: August 18, 2021 in Community, Environment

Earlier this month, we wrapped up our last “Trailblazing with Byrne” event of the year in the Town of Patterson. Since we launched these informal outdoor forums in May, we’ve successfully held at least one forum in each of the six towns within New York’s 94th Assembly District (Somers, Carmel, Southeast, Yorktown, Putnam Valley, and […]

Assembly Dems Reverse Course & Continue Committee’s Impeachment Investigative Work

Posted: August 17, 2021 in Ethics & Corruption, In the News

“This development still does not equal full accountability, but it does highlight a significant improvement by revealing that the Speaker was willing to backpedal after our voices collectively demanded greater transparency. The Democratic Party’s elected leaders had previously worked to end the committee’s investigative work abruptly. Their decision to change course and allow the committee […]

Albany Democrats Cover For Corrupt Governor

Posted: August 13, 2021 in Ethics & Corruption

A statement from Assemblyman Kevin Byrne (R,C,I,SAM,ROS-Mahopac) “The Speaker’s decision to suspend the impeachment investigation into Governor Cuomo is a slap in the face to every New York taxpayer and victim wronged by the Governor’s numerous cases of misconduct and corruption.  Gov. Cuomo’s misdeeds include the mishandling and subsequent cover-up of COVID-19 in nursing homes, […]

Gov. Cuomo Resignation is Good for New York

Posted: August 12, 2021 in Ethics & Corruption

A Column from Assemblyman Kevin Byrne (R,C,I,SAM,ROS-Mahopac) It was one year ago yesterday I was demanding answersand accountability of Gov. Cuomo and his administration during our joint legislative hearing on the state’s handling of COVID-19 in our nursing homes. Since then, the list of scandals, improprieties, cover-ups, and corruption tied to the governor’s administration has only grown. As I have previously […]

Byrne Nomination Sends Demme to SUNY Maritime with Full Tuition State Scholarship

Posted: July 12, 2021 in Community, Education, In the News

Brewster, NY – Assemblyman Kevin Byrne (R, C, I, SAM,ROS – Mahopac) is pleased to announce that recent Carmel High School graduate Matthew Demme of Patterson, NY has been awarded a full-tuition scholarship to SUNY Maritime College in Throggs Neck, NY. Matthew was a candidate for this rare scholarship through SUNY Maritime’s Cadet Appointment Program (CAP), which requires applicants to have high academic standing, be a member of the Regiment of Cadets, and […]

Byrne Bill Passes Honoring Atomic Veterans in New York

Posted: July 8, 2021 in Veterans

Albany, NY – Special legislation introduced by New York State Assemblyman Kevin Byrne and Senator Pete Harckhamdesignating the pedestrian bridge over the Taconic State Parkway in the Town of Yorktown as the Atomic Veterans Memorial Bridge has been approved in the State Legislature, and now awaits Governor Andrew M. Cuomo’s signature. Once enacted, the legislation (S.7114 / A.1456) will […]

Byrne Passes Bill to Pave Way for Renewable Energy Project in Yorktown

Posted: July 2, 2021 in Community, Energy, Environment, In the News

Assemblyman Kevin Byrne (R,C,I,SAM,ROS-Mahopac) is pleased to announce the passage of legislation he authored (A07590A) to allow the Town of Yorktown to lease town property for a renewable energy project. Specifically, this change will permit the town to lease a portion of land on the Granite Knolls Sports & Recreation Complex to HESP Solar for the construction […]

Byrne Helps Create Special Opioid Settlement Fund with Support for New State Law

Posted: July 1, 2021 in Drug Crisis, Health

Assemblyman Kevin Byrne (R,C,I,SAM,ROS-Mahopac) is pleased to report legislation he co-sponsored in the Assembly introduced by Assemblywoman Carrie Woerner (A6395b) to establish a special opioid settlement fund for settlement agreements with the state passed the Legislature and was signed into law by the Governor earlier this week on Tuesday, June 29th.   “Over the last several decades, our country has needlessly lost […]

Byrne discusses issues with Yorktown Residents at Trailblazing with Byrne

Posted: June 30, 2021 in Community

Assemblyman Kevin Byrne (R,C,I,SAM,ROS-Mahopac) is pleased to report the successful completion of his fourth Trailblazing with Byrne event of the year on Saturday, June 26th. Byrne held the event in the Town of Yorktown at the Yorktown Heights Trailhead behind town hall, which is part of the Westchester County Trail-way and the larger Empire State Trail. Byrne met with constituents in-person for over an hour of Q & A, before taking a walk […]

Byrne & Arts Council Recognize Middle School Aged Contestants at First Assembly Art Competition

Posted: June 17, 2021 in Community, Education, In the News

(Mahopac, NY / Sunday, June 13th, 2021) Assemblyman Kevin Byrne (R, C, I, SAM, ROS-Mahopac) and the Putnam Arts Council hosted a ceremony recognizing contestants in the 94th District’s first ever Assembly Art Competition. Eligible contestants included students in grades 5-8 from both Westchester & Putnam Counties within the Assembly District. “Throughout the pandemic our […]

Albany Adjourns with Unfinished Work & More Missed Opportunities

Posted: June 12, 2021 in In the News

A statement from Assemblyman Kevin Byrne (R,C,I,SAM,ROS-Mahopac) “After another marathon week in the Assembly, passing hundreds of bills a day into the wee hours of the night, finishing session at nearly 4AM on Friday, I can confidently say that while we did pass some important pieces of legislation to accomplish more for the people of […]

Byrne Meets & Speaks with Residents at Trailblazing with Byrne in Mahopac

Posted: June 7, 2021 in Community, Environment

Assemblyman Kevin Byrne (R,C,I,SAM,ROS-Mahopac) is pleased to report the successful completion of his thirdTrailblazing with Byrne event of the year on Saturday, June 5th in the Town of Carmel, Hamlet of Mahopac, at the Mt. Hope Rd Trailhead, which is part of the Putnam Trail-way and the larger Empire State Trail. Byrne met with constituents both virtually and in-person for an hour of Q & A, which was simultaneously live-streamed onYouTube, before taking […]

Byrne & Vol. Firefighters Call for Vote on Bill to Recover EMS Costs

Posted: June 5, 2021 in First Responders

Complete video footage from the press conference can be viewed at             Assemblyman Kevin Byrne (R,C,I,SAM,ROS-Mahopac) held a press conference earlier today at the Brewster Volunteer Fire Department with over thirty members of the volunteer emergency services community from throughout the stateto express support and call for a vote on Assembly Bill A.534, which would permit […]

Assemblyman Hosts ‘Trailblazing with Byrne’ In Southeast

Posted: May 25, 2021 in Agriculture, Forestry, & Fishing, Community

Assemblyman Kevin Byrne (R,C,I,SAM,ROS-Mahopac) is pleased to report the successful completion of his secondTrailblazing with Byrne event of the year on Saturday, May 22nd in the Town of Southeast at the Tonetta Lake Trailhead, which is part of the Maybrook Trailway and larger Empire State Trail. Byrne met with constituents both virtually and in-person for an hour of Q & A, which was simultaneously live-streamed onYouTube, before taking an hour-long walk along the Empire State Trail […]

Byrne & Borrello Partner to Prohibit Book Deals for Politicians While in Office

Posted: May 19, 2021 in Ethics & Corruption, In the News

Assemblyman Kevin Byrne (R,C,I,SAM,ROS-Mahopac) was joined by his Assembly and Senate colleagues on Wednesday, May 19 for a press conference regarding his bill (A.7107) which would prohibit statewide elected officers and certain appointed officers from writing and selling a book during their term in public office. This legislative proposal comes after concerns were raised about Gov. Cuomo profiting from his book, American Crisis: […]

Byrne Hosts First Trailblazing with Byrne Event of the Year

Posted: May 3, 2021 in Community

​Assemblyman Kevin Byrne (R,C,I,SAM,ROS-Mahopac) is pleased to report the successful completion of his first Trailblazing with Byrne and Coffee with Kevin event on Sunday, May 2. The event garnered participation from a wide array of Somers constituents, including participation from Tom Garrity, Somers deputy town supervisor, and Anthony Cirieco, Somers town councilman, in addition to one of Byrne’s Assembly colleagues from across the Hudson River, […]

Byrne Appointed to the Council on Health Care Financing

Posted: April 22, 2021 in Health

Assemblyman Kevin Byrne (R,C,I,SAM,ROS-Mahopac) is pleased to announce that Assembly Minority Leader Will Barclay (R,C,I-Pulaski) has recently appointed him to serve on New York State’s Council on Health Care Financing.  The council was originally established to examine, study and develop a new system of financing general hospitals, focusing particularly on inpatient care. It has also reported on a number of significant state […]

Albany Politicians Block Effort to Better Protect State’s Most Vulnerable from COVID-19

Posted: April 21, 2021 in Health

Assemblyman Kevin Byrne (R,C,I,SAM,ROS-Mahopac) has expressed his disdain for the decision made by his colleagues in the Assembly Majority to vote to hold legislation he introduced (A.3839), of which similar legislation (S.4828) was introduced to the Senate by Sen. Sue Serino, which would require the Department of Health to submit a plan to establish regional […]

Massive Budget Comes with Massive Costs

Posted: April 14, 2021 in Taxes

A Legislative Column from Assemblyman Kevin Byrne (R, C, I, SAM, ROS – Mahopac) For the past several months, I participated in numerous committee meetings and budget hearings to advocate for more responsible state policy that would put taxpayers first and support essential services that assist public health and safety, as well as our schools, seniors, […]

Byrne Bill would Ban Politicians from Profiting Off Book Deals while in Office

Posted: April 2, 2021 in Ethics & Corruption

Assemblyman Kevin Byrne (R,C,I,SAM,ROS-Mahopac) introduced legislation on Friday, April 2 which would prohibit statewide elected officers and certain appointed officers from writing and selling a book during their term in public office. The legislative proposal comes after numerous concerns have been raised regarding Gov. Cuomo receiving a $4 million book deal about his handling of the COVID-19 pandemic.  The book in question, American Crisis: Leadership Lessons […]

Byrne Joins Call for Cost-Benefit Analysis of New York’s ‘Green New Deal’

Posted: March 31, 2021 in Business, Energy

Assemblyman Kevin Byrne (R,C,I,SAM,ROS-Mahopac) recently joined Assembly Minority Leader Will Barlcay (R,C,I-Pulaski), Assemblyman Phil Palmesano (R,C,I,-Corning), New York’s largest energy consumers representative Multiple Intervenors, and more than 70 state organizations including leading advocates for organized labor and business, calling for a fiscal impact study to guide the Climate Action Council’s (CAC) development plan. The CAC was […]

Byrne & Lalor Provide Case for Impeachment of Governor Cuomo to Assembly Judiciary Committee

Posted: March 18, 2021 in In the News

On Wednesday March 17, 2021, Assemblymen Kevin Byrne and Kieran Lalor submitted detailed information to the Assembly Judiciary Committee making a case for at least a dozen counts of impeachment against Governor Andrew Cuomo. The two Hudson Valley state lawmakers shared a letter outlining a list of specific impeachable offenses as well as a timeline […]

Byrne Receives ‘Guardian of Small Business’ Award from the National Federation of Independent Business

Posted: March 18, 2021 in In the News

Assemblyman Kevin Byrne (R,C,I,SAM,ROS-Mahopac) was recently named a 2020 Guardian of Small Business by the National Federation of Independent Businesses (NFIB). The designation is awarded by the NFIB to elected officials who advocate, promote and protect small businesses. Of the 150 assembly members and 63 senators in the New York State Legislature, Byrne was only one […]

Byrne Named 2020 GOPAC ‘Emerging Leader’

Posted: March 15, 2021 in In the News

Assemblyman Kevin Byrne (R,C,I,SAM,ROS-Mahopac) is pleased to share he was selected as a 2020 GOPAC “Emerging Leader.” Byrne joined 21 other state legislators from across the nation in virtual conferences and forums to learn from one another, listen to stakeholders and high-level policy strategists, and share ideas to help their respective states and communities.             […]

State DOH Must Provide Updated Guidance to Support Full-Time Reopening Plans

Posted: March 12, 2021 in Education, Health, In the News

Assemblyman Kevin Byrne (R,C,I,SAM,ROS-Mahopac) has sent a follow-up letter to NYS Department of Health Commissioner Howard Zucker again highlighting the urgent need for his department to release updated guidance clarifying how school districts can safely offer full-time, in-person education for their students.  “Over the last month, I have made a number of statements concerning the need for […]

Byrne Receives Community Champion Award from The Irish Echo

Posted: March 8, 2021 in Community, Immigration

Assemblyman Kevin Byrne (R,C,I,SAM,ROS-Mahopac) joined 39 other honorees to participate in the Irish Echo’s 40 Under 40 transatlantic virtual awards ceremony. This recognition is for 40 Irish and Irish Americans who have distinguished themselves in their respective fields of work before reaching the age of 40.   In addition to being honored as part of the Irish Echo’s 40 […]

Byrne Rejects Extending Governor’s Extraordinary Emergency Powers

Posted: March 6, 2021 in Ethics & Corruption

Statement on Legislature’s Extension of Governor’s Emergency Powers The recent vote in the Senate and the Assembly regarding Governor Cuomo’s emergency powers (A5967) did NOT return checks and balances to our state government. Any person suggesting it did is either working to intentionally misinform the public or doesn’t fully understand what was voted on. A […]

Assemblyman Byrne on Bringing Back Full-Time in Person Schooling

Posted: March 3, 2021 in Education, In the News

Since New York first went on “Pause” in March, very few students in our state have been afforded the opportunity to participate in five-day in-person learning- something we previously had considered a basic right prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. For a number of students, this loss of in-school instruction has been damaging to their social […]

A Growing Number of Scandals and Controversies Involving Governor Cuomo and his Administration

Posted: March 1, 2021 in Ethics & Corruption, In the News

In the course of the last week, Governor Cuomo has been accused of sexual harassment by two former staffers. As always, regardless of the person, I believe everyone should have their due process. I also believe the allegations that are being made by both Lindsey Boylan and Charlotte Bennett are serious and warrant an independent […]

Byrne Collects Valentines from Students for Troops Overseas and Local Vets

Posted: February 20, 2021 in Community, Veterans

Assemblyman Kevin Byrne (R,C,I,SAM,ROS-Mahopac) partnered with elementary students from Mahopac, Brewster and Putnam Valley school districts for a Valentine’s Day surprise for local vets and deployed troops. The students made handmade Valentine’s Day cards which Assemblyman Byrne and his staff passed out at the Putnam County Veterans Service Agency, the Mahopac VFW, and United for […]

Sign & Subpoena DOH Commissioner on COVID-19 Deaths in Nursing Homes

Posted: February 12, 2021 in Health, Seniors

Editor’s Note: Find the original letter and petition here. View the press conference here. As the ranking Minority member of the Assembly’s Committee on Health, Assemblyman Kevin Byrne (R,C,I,SAM,ROS-Mahopac) joined his colleagues for a virtual press conference on Thursday, February 11 to renew their call upon their Democratic colleagues in the Assembly Oversight, Health and Aging committees […]


Posted: February 3, 2021 in Health, Seniors

Assemblyman Kevin Byrne (R,C,I,SAM,ROS-Mahopac) joined leaders of the Assembly and Senate Minority Conferences, joined by Janice Dean and a Capital Region family, today renewed their call for legislative hearings and federal investigations in the wake of Attorney General Letitia James’ scathing report on the Cuomo Administration’s response to COVID-19 in nursing homes. The findings indicated the New York State […]

Bipartisan Request to Pres. Biden for Assistance in Obtaining Complete NH Resident Mortality Numbers

Posted: January 20, 2021 in Health, Seniors

On January 19th, Assemblyman Byrne followed up on previous efforts to obtain the true number of COVID19 nursing home resident deaths in New York with a bipartisan letter sent to President Biden signed by Assemblyman Kevin Byrne and Assemblyman Ron Kim, Chair of the Assembly Committee on Aging. The text of the letter, previously made […]

Senate Assembly GOP Conferences Press DOH on State’s Slow Vaccine Rollout

Posted: January 9, 2021 in Health, In the News

Republican Leaders in the state Legislature recently penned a letter to Department of Health Commissioner Dr. Howard Zucker, former Secretary to the Governor Larry Schwartz and Secretary of State Rossana Rosado imploring officials to answer several questions about the state’s vaccine rollout and distribution efforts.    Members from the Assembly and Senate Minority Conferences were briefed […]

Another Successful Food and Toy Drive!

Posted: January 5, 2021 in In the News

Assemblyman Kevin Byrne (R, C, I, SAM, ROS-Mahopac) is proud to announce the success of his annual holiday food and toy drive. Residents from across the 94th Assembly District contributed over a thousand items at drop-off sites located in Patterson, Somers, Yorktown, Southeast, Carmel, and Putnam Valley. Assemblyman Byrne and his office delivered food to […]

Byrne Rejects “Cancel Rent” Agenda. Supports Amendments to Protect Tenants & Property Owners

Posted: December 30, 2020 in In the News

Assemblyman Kevin Byrne (R,C,Ref-Mahopac) participated in an extraordinary legislative session on Monday, December 28 to vote on the “COVID-19 Emergency Eviction and Foreclosure Prevention Act” (A11181). The Assembly Republican Conference offered up a series of amendments to provide greater balance and accountability in the legislation, as well as to curtail the governor’s expanded emergency powers. […]

Byrne Takes On New Leadership Role As Member of Ways & Means

Posted: December 22, 2020 in In the News

Assemblyman Kevin Byrne (R, C, Ref-Mahopac) is pleased to report Assembly Minority Leader William Barclay has appointed him to the prestigious Assembly Committee on Ways and Means, in addition to reappointing him to variousother leadership roles and committees. Byrne will remain the ranking minority member on the Assembly Health Committee and chair of the Assembly Minority Program Committee, in addition to maintaining his […]

Byrne Joins Barclay, Ra & Walczyk Renewing Calls to Roll Back Governor’s Disaster Powers

Posted: December 18, 2020 in In the News

                 Assemblyman Kevin Byrne (R,C,Ref-Mahopac) is pleased to join members of the Assembly Minority Conference in renewed calls to review Gov. Cuomo’s unchecked disaster powers which go beyond what was authorized by the Legislature during the COVID-19 pandemic. Byrne has also cosponsored a bill (A.10546) that would limit the governor’s disaster powers, increase legislative oversight, and […]

Byrne Calls on President to Help Release Data on COVID-19 Deaths in Nursing Homes

Posted: December 16, 2020 in In the News

          Yesterday, Assemblyman Kevin Byrne (R, C, Ref-Mahopac) solicited aid from President Trump requesting he take action to help obtain the long sought after data on COVID-19 deaths from nursing homes. Members of the Legislature have repeatedly asked the state Department of Health (NYS DOH) for a complete record of COVID-19 deaths, including those who contracted the […]

Overpass & Ramps Open Before Winter on TSP at Pudding Street in Putnam Valley

Posted: December 14, 2020 in Community, Infrastructure

Early Opening Alleviates Detours During Cold Weather Months New York State Department of Transportation Commissioner Marie Therese Dominguez today announced the opening of the newly constructed Pudding Street bridge over the Taconic State Parkway in Putnam Valley.  The opening of the bridge, along with the four interchange ramps, comes months ahead of schedule and will […]

Byrne Sets New Record with Election Results

Posted: December 7, 2020 in In the News

(Monday, December 7, 2020) – Assemblyman Kevin Byrne’s record-setting victory was certified earlier today. After all the votes were tallied, voters decisively elected to return Byrne to Albany for a third term. In doing so, Byrne received more votes than any Assembly candidate in the district’s history. Byrne received 41,675 votes. Byrne received 41,675 votes, which, according to information available […]

Byrne Hosts 4th Annual Holiday Toy & Food Drive

Posted: December 4, 2020 in Community, Equality

Assemblyman Kevin Byrne (R, C, Ref-Mahopac) is pleased to announce he will be hosting a holiday toy and food drive in partnership with Ronald McDonald House Charities and various local food pantries, which serve the region. This collaborated effort will continue from Dec. 1 to Dec. 17. “The holiday season is about giving, and now more than […]

Respiratory Care Week at Westchester Medical Center

Posted: October 30, 2020 in Health

(October 29, 2020/ Valhalla, NY)- Assemblyman Kevin Byrne (R, C, Ref-Mahopac) met with respiratory care professionals and administrative staff from Westchester Medical Center in Valhalla, NY to present a legislative resolution proclaiming October 25-31, 2020 as “Respiratory Care Week” in the State of New York. On hand to receive the resolution were Thomas Harvie, RRT/CPFT Director for Respiratory Care at Northeast Center for Rehabilitation and Brian Injury and President of […]

Byrne Presents Resolution at Putnam Hospital to Memorialize Respiratory Care Week

Posted: October 29, 2020 in Health, In the News

(October 28, 2020/ Carmel, NY)- Assemblyman Kevin Byrne (R, C, Ref-Mahopac) met with respiratory care professionals and administrative staff from Putnam Hospital Center in Carmel, NY to present a legislative resolution proclaiming October 25-31, 2020 as “Respiratory Care Week” in the State of New York. On hand to receive the resolution were President Dr. Mark […]

Byrne Named Guardian of Small Business

Posted: October 29, 2020 in Business

Assemblyman Receives Award from the National Federation of Independent Businesses (October 28, 2020) – New York, NY – Assemblyman Kevin Byrne to be be named a Guardian of Small Business by the National Federation of Independent Businesses (NFIB). The designation is awarded by the NFIB to elected officials that advocate, promote, and protect small businesses. Of […]

Early Voting For Byrne Party

Posted: October 25, 2020 in In the News

Election Day is around the corner, but why wait? Join us in voting Early for Kevin Byrne! Did you request an absentee ballot? You can also drop off your absentee ballot at an early voting location without waiting on line. Election Day is November 3rd but why wait? A list of locations and times for […]

Byrne Endorsed By The Greatest Detectives In The World

Posted: October 24, 2020 in 2020 Endorsements, First Responders, Public Safety

(October 23, 2020) – The Detectives Endowment Association (DEA), the union representing the New York Police Department’s active and retired detectives, has endorsed Assemblyman Kevin Byrne for re-election. Byrne is running for his third term to represent the 94th Assembly District. In a letter to DEA membership, DEA President Paul DiGiacomo urged them to get out and vote for […]

New York’s Bravest Back Byrne: Assemblyman Earns NYC Uniformed Firefighters Assoc. Endorsement

Posted: October 21, 2020 in 2020 Endorsements, First Responders, Public Safety

(October 21, 2020) – New York, NY – The Uniformed Firefighters Association (UFA) has announced its endorsement of Assemblyman Kevin Byrne for re-election. This endorsement is one of dozens highlighting the support that the Assemblyman has received for re-election from a diverse set of unions, organizations, and community groups. In a message to its membership announcing the endorsement, UFA President Andrew Ansbro […]

Byrne Honors Healthcare Workers with Physician Assistant Week Resolution

Posted: October 19, 2020 in Community, Health

Assemblyman Kevin Byrne (R, C, Ref-Mahopac) is pleased to announce he presented a legislative resolution to Northwell Health at Northern Westchester Hospital. The resolution named Oct. 6-12 Physician Assistant Week across New York State. Additional recognition was given to Northwell Health with a separate proclamation for their employer award from the American Academy of Physician […]

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