Environmental Law Enforcement Officers Endorse Byrne For County Exec!

Posted: December 12, 2021 in 2022 Endorsements, Agriculture, Forestry, & Fishing, First Responders, In the News, Public Safety, Workers

“The Environmental Police Benevolent Association (EPBA) has chosen to endorse Assemblyman Kevin Byrne for the office of Putnam County Executive.

Kevin is the current Assemblyman for the 94 Assembly District and has continued to serve with pride and integrity on multiple local and state committees for his citizens, his district, and New Yorkers.

Kevin leads ahead with experience from his current office as well as on the front lines as a First Responder. He not only serves his community as a legislative advocate, but has also protected them as a firefighter.

During our time speaking with Kevin and explaining the importance of protecting our water supply and homeland security for over 10 million New Yorkers, Kevin agrees with and understands the importance of his county citizens’ water, air, and protection of outdoor recreation.

Kevin understands how to bridge the gap, not only with first responders’ community policy but knows how to ask for guidance and direction from his law enforcement community on policy and reform with his citizens.

With proud enthusiasm, we support Kevin Byrne as our leader for Putnam County Executive!”

Matt Kruger
Environmental Police Benevolent Association (EPBA) President

Assemblyman Byrne standing with DEP Police Officers and members of EPBA