Putnam County: safe, sound and reliable infrastructure

Whether it’s our roads, bridges, or railways- we need to make sure Putnam County’s infrastructure is safe, sound and reliable. It’s part of what enhances our quality of life and it’s one of many key factors that businesses and families may consider when they are looking to relocate.

Our county roads already make-up close to 120 center lane miles of roadway within our county and the county government is responsible for their maintenance in addition to other roads which add up to over 200 miles between the Hudson River and the Connecticut border. Include that with all our local town roads and it’s a lot. On average, county and local roads make up more than 75% of all center lane miles of road across the state.  For years, our county’s bridges have also been managed by county government.

Our county’s transportation infrastructure should be maintained as part of a larger plan for the county. A six year capital plan is mandated by the county’s Charter, but it hasn’t always been followed.  As your County Executive, our Administration stepped up and made county government more disciplined about drafting and following a real six year capital plan. In the past, many of these plans were front loaded with projects in the early years but revealed little planning for the future. That, and more, changed when I became your County Executive.

Our leaders in county government must also continue to speak and work with its state and federal delegation to ensure our access to the Metro-North railroad from the Harlem and Hudson lines is maintained and remains safe for the hundreds of commuters and visitors who rely on them. Putnam County is an important part of the Metro-North region, and as County Executive I advocate directly with our representatives on the MTA Board. I also serve as a board member of the New York Metropolitan Transportation Council (NMTC), the second largest metropolitan planning organization (MPO) in the country, where the importance of all these services are highlighted. We work to maximize the participation we have with many of our partners to ensure Putnam County’s voice is heard.

On the state level, I served on the Assembly’s Transportation Committee and as co-chair of the Assembly Minority Conference’s Transportation & Critical Infrastructure Task Force. I traveled and assessed the state’s infrastructure needs – roads, bridges, water, sewer, and more – in county and local governments. Predictably, many of the challenges we face are the same as our fellow New Yorkers in other portions of the state.

As County Executive I have built on the experience, knowledge, and relationships I have and worked to:

  • Identify infrastructure needs and support 
  • Ensure we have resilient public infrastructure
  • Personally advocate at state Legislative Transportation Hearings to ensure Putnam County is not forgotten from DOT’s Region 8
  • Build stronger partnerships with federal, state, & local officials as well as public utilities to make sure they have the confidence and support they need to do their part.