Byrne Meets & Speaks with Residents at Trailblazing with Byrne in Mahopac

Posted: June 7, 2021 in Community, Environment

Assemblyman Kevin Byrne (R,C,I,SAM,ROS-Mahopac) is pleased to report the successful completion of his thirdTrailblazing with Byrne event of the year on Saturday, June 5th in the Town of Carmel, Hamlet of Mahopac, at the Mt. Hope Rd Trailhead, which is part of the Putnam Trail-way and the larger Empire State Trail.

Byrne met with constituents both virtually and in-person for an hour of Q & A, which was simultaneously live-streamed onYouTube, before taking an hour-long walk along the Empire State Trail to continue the discussion, promote healthy living and take in the natural beauty. Discussion included taxes and spending, public safety and policing, recent legislation passed by Assemblyman Byrne better recognizing our Atomic Veterans, funding to support access to clean water, the Alexandrion Distillery project, and the growing list of challenges coming out of Albany including new taxes and costly mandates that make life more difficult for job creators and New Yorkers seeking gainful employment. The results of the census and loss of another Congressional seat was discussed to highlight the continuing affordability and out-migration crisis that is also weakening New York’s voice in Washington, D.C.

The event garnered participation from a number of local residents, including Putnam Co. Legislator Joseph Castellano, Carmel Town Supervisor Kenny Schmitt, Carmel Town Deputy Supervisor and Councilwoman Suzi McDonough, as well as Mahopac Public Library Trustee and Putnam Co. IDA Vice Chair Steve Baranowski.

“Thank you to everyone who participated in our thirdTrailblazing with Byrne event this year.” said Byrne. “This event provides me an additional opportunity to engage with members of our community both in-person and virtually. Not only did we get the chance to discuss a wide variety of important issues, but we also got some fresh air, exercise and enjoyment from viewing the beautiful scenery along the trail. I look forward to continuing our Trailblazing walks throughout the spring and summer.”

“Thank you to Assemblyman Byrne for hosting his Trailblazing with Byrne in the Town of Carmel. It served as a great opportunity to meet with residents and discuss a large range of important issues. Assemblyman Byrne, a Mahopac resident himself, has been a great partner to work with to represent the town of Carmel in Albany,” added Supervisor Schmitt.

“So many of us have been missing the important in-person interactions we were always accustomed to. This was a great way to interact with our neighbors and constituents in a healthy outdoor setting. As a life-time resident of Mahopac I appreciate Assemblyman Byrne’s accessibility and his constant willingness to work together,” added Deputy Supervisor McDonough.

“Thank you to Assemblyman Byrne for hosting his Trailblazing with Byrne in the Town of Carmel. It served as a great opportunity to meet with residents and discuss important state and local issues of importance,” added Putnam County Legislator Joseph Castellano 

Upcoming Trailblazing with Byrne and Coffee with Kevin events are below:

June 26 from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m.

Coffee with Kevin

9 a.m. – 10 a.m.

Trailblazing with Byrne 

10 a.m. – 11 a.m.

Yorktown Town Hall Trailhead (Behind the Town Hall near memorial) 

363 Underhill Ave., Yorktown Heights NY 10598

Additional Photos from Trailblazing with Byrne in Mahopac/Carmel

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