Respecting our borders and our laws

Posted: January 2, 2016 in Immigration

My heritage proudly includes immigrants from Ireland, Germany, and England. Diversity is an American strength when immigration is legal.

But when it’s not, New Yorkers pay a heavy price–in social welfare benefits; jobs lost to “off the books” workers; and crime committed by those who cannot understand, or willfully disregard, our laws or our culture.

As your Assemblyman, I’ll fight against any legislation that would allow illegal immigrants to receive state benefits, obtain driver’s licenses, vote in state elections, or run for office.

New York State should comply with federal laws and not allow sanctuary cities for illegal immigrants.

This may all sound like simple common sense–but proposals like these have repeatedly passed with the Democratic Assembly majority.

I’ll also fully support law enforcement with the tools they need on the front lines defending our communities.

I won’t let your good will and taxpayer dollars be exploited for the sake of politics. I’ll stand firm against illegal immigration.