Assembly Dems Reverse Course & Continue Committee’s Impeachment Investigative Work

Posted: August 17, 2021 in Ethics & Corruption, In the News

“This development still does not equal full accountability, but it does highlight a significant improvement by revealing that the Speaker was willing to backpedal after our voices collectively demanded greater transparency.

The Democratic Party’s elected leaders had previously worked to end the committee’s investigative work abruptly. Their decision to change course and allow the committee to complete its work was the right one and is a decision I welcome, but let’s be clear- it was made because of public pressure, pure and simple. Thank you to the countless number of voices that refused to remain silent.

Taxpayers funded this impeachment investigation and they deserve to know what was discovered.

This breaking news highlights that the Speaker is now supportive of releasing a detailed report to reveal what was discovered by the Assembly Judiciary Committee’s impeachment investigation. Victims of this Governor’s corrupt behavior deserve nothing less.

This is good news, but it’s still important to note the report has not been released yet. We will continue to follow closely.”

Learn more about the developing news at the Times Union 👇