Assemblyman Byrne Joins Leadership Team in Albany

Posted: January 1, 2019 in 2020 Endorsements, In the News
Assemblyman Byrne in 2018 surrounded by colleagues outside the Assembly Chamber calling for stronger ethics reforms and transparency in Albany.

Entering his second term, Assemblyman Kevin Byrne (R,C,Ref-Mahopac) is pleased to announce he has been selected to serve as the Vice-Chair of the Assembly Republican Conference’s Steering Committee for the 2019-2020 legislative session. The Steering Committee has the important task of directing the conference’s agenda by focusing on various policy and legislative proposals within the conference. With this new appointment, Assemblyman Byrne has also become the youngest member to join the ranks of the Assembly Minority Conference’s leadership team.

Assembly Minority Leader Brian Kolb added, “Since his first day in the Assembly, Kevin Byrne has been an energetic and intelligent voice for the people of the 94th District and our Conference. I’m excited to appoint him to my leadership team and look forward to working alongside him during the 2019 legislative session.”

“I would like to thank Leader Brian Kolb for the opportunity to serve as vice chair of our conference’s steering committee. I look forward to working with our committee chair and fellow colleagues to identify new and pressing issues that our conference can champion to help our state and its approximately 19 million residents,” said Byrne.

Assemblyman Byrne has also been added to the Assembly’s Insurance Committee, a committee traditionally reserved for more senior members of the legislature. These assignments are in addition to his continued roles as a member of the Assembly’s Health, Labor, Transportation, and Government Operations Committees.

Byrne has already taken an active role in many of his committee assignments, particularly the Transportation Committee, where he was instrumental in creating and serving as co-chair of the Assembly Minority Conference’s Task Force on Critical Infrastructure and Transportation. This past fall, Byrne and his fellow task force members traveled the state and held hearings featuring various stakeholders and citizens to identify concepts and ideas to help improve the state’s aging infrastructure.  A full report with the task force’s findings and recommendations will be published in the coming months.