Byrne Sets New Record with Election Results

Posted: December 7, 2020 in In the News

(Monday, December 7, 2020) – Assemblyman Kevin Byrne’s record-setting victory was certified earlier today. After all the votes were tallied, voters decisively elected to return Byrne to Albany for a third term. In doing so, Byrne received more votes than any Assembly candidate in the district’s history.

Byrne received 41,675 votes.

Byrne received 41,675 votes, which, according to information available on the New York State Board of Elections’ online database going back nearly thirty years, is a record, with no previous contestant having topped 40,000 votes. Byrne’s vote total even surpassed former Assemblyman Will Stephens Jr.’s 2004 count of 36,626 in an election where Stephens was running unopposed in a Presidential year.

In a district gerrymandered by Democratic politicians in Albany, Assemblyman Byrne’s unprecedented victory strikes a blow to the Democratic Party establishment in Putnam and Northern Westchester who have notoriously failed to flip this district. Byrne won every town and village in the Assembly district.

Vote Totals (including Absentee Ballots)

CountyByrne (R, C, I, SAM, ROS)
Total for Putnam County24,207 (62%)
Total for Westchester County17,468 (53%)
GRAND TOTAL41,675 (58%)

Assemblyman Byrne thanked voters for entrusting him to serve another term: “I am honored by the faith the people of Putnam and Westchester counties have placed in me. Since first being elected in 2016, I have dedicated myself to being an effective representative who serves and is unafraid to lead, take action, and get results for the people of this district. We have a strong record with a list of real meaningful accomplishments. This is in large part due to our ability to work collaboratively with colleagues from across the political spectrum, including Democrats.”

“This year, voters sent a clear message and rejected disinformation campaigns from extremist groups, the media, and special interests.  Simply put, voters are tired of the petty partisan politics and want elected officials who are honest, work hard, and get things done. They want a better New York, one with lower taxes, safer streets, and a strong economy. I sincerely thank all those who voted for me and endorsed our campaign, including our amazing first responders, healthcare workers, labor unions, and small businesses. To those who decided not to vote for me this past election, I will continue to work to serve you and the best interests of our community at large. As always, the team and I at our district office work to serve everyone.”

“I look forward to returning to legislative session in Albany soon to continue our work, starting with rolling back the Governor’s excessive disaster powers and restoring the Legislature’s rightful place as a fully functioning branch of government.”

Byrne’s reputation as a hard-working, effective, honest legislator has already been recognized by organizations like the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) who named him a 2020 Guardian of Small Business as well as GoPAC, a nationally recognized organization that focuses on building a healthy roster of tested Republican leaders ready to run for higher office, who listed him as one of their 2020 Emerging Leaders.

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