L.E.E.B.A. Backs Byrne

Posted: June 7, 2020 in 2020 Endorsements, Environment, In the News, Public Safety, Workers
Assemblyman Byrne (center) pictured with members of LEEBA in Albany (L-R) Membership Coordinator Laquan Word, President Kenneth Wynder, and Legislative Committee Director Jeffrey Blackfoot Hunter)

New York, NY – Members of the Law Enforcement Employees Benevolent Association (L.E.E.B.A.) announced its strong endorsement of Assemblyman Kevin Byrne for his re-election to keeping serving the people of New York’s 94th Assembly District.

In a letter to the assemblyman announcing the endorsement L.E.E.B.A. President Kenneth Wynder wrote “We have been witnessing the work that you have been doing since taking office as an assemblyman representing the 94th District, we’ve seen the changes that you made, the compassion you’ve shown to your constituents and the moral support that you have given to the Law Enforcement Employees Benevolent Association (L.E.E.B.A.). Your dedication to all people not just in the district represent demonstrates that you are a man of integrity, courage and ideas, and not just your average status quo politician.”

“The members of L.E.E.B.A. make up an exceptional group of professionals that range from NYC Department of Environmental Protection Police to NYC Department of Transportation Inspectors. Since day one, I’ve always had a great working relationship with their members, many of whom live in the 94th Assembly District. They have an important job to protect both our people and our environment. I thank them for their friendship and for their strong endorsement as we seek re-election this upcoming fall.”

Byrne has been a strong outspoken advocate for all first responders. His background as an EMT, volunteer firefighter, as well as his longstanding relationships with members of the law enforcement community, have made him an effective advocate for our brave men and women in blue.