Posted: July 9, 2018 in 2018 Endorsements, First Responders, In the News, Public Safety, Workers


The Uniformed Fire Officers Association representing 2,600 Lieutenants, Captains, Battalion Chiefs, Deputy Chiefs, Supervising Fire Marshals and Medical Officers of the New York City Fire Department, has endorsed Assemblyman Kevin Byrne for NY State Assembly in the 94th Assembly District.


“Our first responders are some of our nation’s greatest heroes,” said Byrne, “The brave men and women of the UFOA not only put their own lives at risk, but as officers they also have the responsibility of managing, overseeing and protecting many of their fellow first resPonders. The 94th Assembly District has many active and retired members of the UFOA who commute to and from New York City. I am truly honored to bear this endorsement, and thank UFOA President James Lemonda and his membership for their continued support.”


“The Executive Board of the UFOA unanimously voted to endorse Assemblyman Kevin Byrne. Assemblyman Byrne has spent many years thinking about ways to build a better, brighter future for our great state. He has supported issues that are vital to the Fire Officers and other working people of our state and will continue to be an asset in the NY State Assembly.” UFOA President James Lemonda said.


Assemblyman Byrne has been an active member during his tenure in the NY State Assembly sponsoring or co-sponsoring over 25 bills, ensuring the health and safety of the working people of his district as well as the entire state of NY. He has been a tireless supporter of the Fire Officers of NY City, and has cultivated relationships with many of the active and retired UFOA members in his district.


Assemblyman Byrne is the ranking member of the Aging Committee and a member of Government Operations, Health, Labor, Transportation and Banks Committees. He is a lifelong resident of the Hudson Valley and has demonstrated his continued support of unions and all working people.